I think of myself as a “digital product person”. I have diverse design experience, coupled with a passion for product management. This puts me firmly at the intersection of design and technology, and I believe in the power of both to provide access and solutions–which empower people to get things done. Software is a means to an end, and the better-designed that software is, the more effective means it will be.  

What I've been doing lately:

Design Practice Lead at Pivotal (October 2018 - present)

I consult with design, product management, and software engineering leadership to establish and grow Lean Product Management, Human-Centered Design, and XP Software Development at scale in enterprise organizations. Working with my clients and fellow Pivotal team members, I:

  • Deliver and facilitate workshops on Product Design, Product Management, Balanced Teams, and other topics related to software product development and team organization

  • Establish objectives, goals, and outcomes for Digital Transformation initiatives

  • Develop organizational structures and cultures of agile teams

  • Help teams assess capabilities and gaps, and develop plans to grow team capabilities

Leader of IxDA Louisville

  • Co-organized the Digital Inclusion Design Jam with fellow IxDA Louisville leaders and Louisville Metro Government

  • Alongside my fellow leads, coordinate monthly meetups

  • Manage sponsorships and logistics

  • Keep up with local job openings and industry trends to serve as a community leader and connector

  • Our group has over 600 members and has met at least once per month since October 2014

Product Manager at Humana's Digital Experience Center  (May 2015 - October 2018)

  • Launched over a dozen software products, including customer-facing, B2B, and employee-facing

  • Participated in hundreds user research sessions and usability tests

  • Conduct workshops on Product Management 101, Design Studios, Stakeholder Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping and Assumptions

  • Train other teams on user research and usability testing techniques

  • Provide internal consulting services on lean startup, agile software development, test-driven development, continuous integration, human-centered design, usability testing, user research, and business model design

  • Manage backlogs and roadmaps, and report product progress to stakeholders, including C-suite leadership

  • Key member of the recruiting team for Product Management and Design roles, supplementary interviewer for Engineering roles

  • Product Manager for Personify, an internal enterprise tool for documenting and sharing user research findings - this tool has become a catalyst for design within the IT organization, resulting in teams conducting user research for the first time and investing in design as part of their process

  • Contributed to development of design principles and design system

  • Organized weekly tech talks for 60+ Humana associates on design, product management, engineering, and innovation, with internal and external speakers

Design Community Involvement

  • Speaking at local, national, and international events on topics related to the intersection of Design and Product Management (see Speaking list in sidebar)

  • Mentoring University of Louisville seniors in the Graphic Design program, both in 1:1 mentoring relationships and as a guest lecturer and setting up an internship pipeline between UofL and Humana

  • Co-Chair of Midwest UX conference in 2016

Designer at Humana (2012 - 2015)

  • Full-stack web design: user experience, interaction design, visual design, and HTML/CSS

  • Facilitated over 100 user research and usability testing sessions

  • Strong interdisciplinary collaboration with product managers, software engineers, stakeholders and design leadership

  • Designed Humana's first Apple Watch App, Cue by Humana

  • Managed the digital style guide, an early design system for consumer-facing web applications: participated in leadership meetings to discuss guide updates, made updates in code, and handled communication of guide updates to the internal design community

  • Key member of recruiting team for designers

  • Lead designer for 2 lines of business


Early in my career, I worked primarily as a graphic designer in the marketing business. I was in the marketing department of a veterinary equipment distributor, a lead for CafePress retail stores, and a graphic designer for a marketing agency focused on the hospitality industry. I've also done freelance design since college. I pride myself on my multidisciplinary design skills - from logos and business cards, to interaction design, to customer experience design. View my resume for a more complete work history. 

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Making Magic with Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Making the Jump from Design to Product

Putting the User Back in User Stories (Apr 2017)

Guest Lecturer at University of Louisville in 2017, 2018, 2019


  • Product Management for Designers at UXLx (May 2019)

  • Product Management for Designers at Interaction Week (Feb 2019)


Bachelor of Fine Arts
Communication Arts & Design
University of Louisville
2006 magna cum laude