Digital Products

Digital product design and development has been the majority of my work for almost a decade.
These are a few of the projects I'm especially proud of. Examples of my graphic design work can be found toward the bottom.



Role: Product Manager

Personify is a web app that provides a lightweight documentation and sharing workflow for Humana associates who conduct user research and usability testing. With Personify’s secure storage, researchers can easily share data with others – without creating presentations, drafting emails, or exposing sensitive information.

Personify was conceived of by the Digital Experience Center, sold to our executive leadership, built with constant feedback and testing with our users, and was the first Inner Sourced product at Humana. 

Read more about Personify at or in my article on Medium

Cue by Humana

Role: Product Designer & Product Management Consultant

With the announcement of the upcoming Apple Watch in early 2015, Humana's Digital Center of Excellence saw an opportunity to create brand awareness and deliver on the company's promise of being a "well-being partner for life" by releasing a free app designed to work on the Apple Watch. 

In just 5 weeks, with just 4 team members, we researched, designed, and built Cue by Humana, an app that reminded users to engage in healthy micro-habits and track their progress. The app was featured in the App Store on launch day, and was named one of the Top 25 Watch Apps by MacLife. 

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Goal Guru Well-Being Platform

Role: Product Management Consultant

Goal Guru was a business-to-business digital well-being challenges platform, designed to encourage employee well-being. The product was sold as a supplement to employer insurance offerings. The user-facing web app was built using React and available on iOS and Android devices, as well as a responsive web app and offered a badging system to encourage participation. The platform also consisted of an admin portal and reporting engine that allowed employers to gain insight into the well-being of their employees in aggregate. 

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MyHumana PDP Dashboard

Role: Product Management Consultant

MyHumana is the secured portal that Humana insurance customers use to manage their health insurance. For Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) Medicare members, the team found that users were frustrated by the site because it did not answer the questions they had, and the dashboard was populated with information that wasn't relevant to them. By conducting user research and usability testing and iterating on the product, we were able to launch an improved, personalized experience that increased customer satisfaction and drove down calls to the call center for these types of members.   

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MyHumana Mobile App

Role: Product Management Consultant

MyHumana Mobile is Humana's flagship mobile app, and after several years of being in the app stores and learning what users wanted most, we chose to undertake a complete redesign and rebuild of both the iOS and Android versions, to improve the customer experience.

This project also incubated on of the first teams to undergo a Balanced Team transformation in Humana's IT organization. The team has improved collaboration, feeds user feedback directly into their work, keeps an agile backlog, and releases as needed, outside of the enterprise release calendar. 

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MyHealth Mobile App

Role: Product Designer

MyHealth by Humana is a mobile app for Humana members that helps track health measurements to reach goals - whether it’s maintaining your blood pressure, blood sugar and weight, eating healthier or learning more about your body. Members will get the measurement and motivation they need to live healthier and stronger than ever before.

This product was designed iteratively, incorporating weekly feedback from users to inform the features and interaction design. While working on this product, I led user research and usability testing. I also designed the interface and visual elements for both the iOS and Android versions, as well as marketing materials. 

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Graphic Design

I do freelance design for select clients. I enjoy the process and the creativity, and I like how it balances the more detailed problem-solving of my day job. Stretching myself artistically keeps me inspired when doing other work. Also, it's fun! 



Role: Designer

This logo is designed to work in a variety of contexts, though primarily it is pressed into leather goods. The central image is the leatherworker and business owner's signature. See the logo in action at

Business Cards

Role: Designer

Business cards can be exciting! A tattoo artist who I've worked with for years wanted cards that stood out. The cards on printed on heavy matte card stock, accented with silver foil printing and UV printing for contrast.